​​Heritage Centre

​The Heritage Centre is in Dunscore Church.  

When visiting the centre you can:
  • Discover more about Jane Haining, the church and village
  • See items relating to Jane Haining's life including her "Heroes of the Holocaust" medal, a prize awarded to her at school, a copy of her will and much more
  • Walk, drive or cycle the Jane Hainng trail in the lovely lanes around the village taking in the stunning Cairn Valley scenery and visiting the farm where she was born and brought up, her school and church
  • Delve into information, videos and surprising facts using the touch-screen computer
  • Hear first hand accounts about Jane Haining and life in the village in past times at the listening station
  • Follow the Memory Trail round Dunscore seeing where the library started by Robert Burns was located, the oak tree from an acorn collected from Auschwitz and one of very few hearse houses in the country
  • Take a guided walk around the church or, for the younger visitors, the Dunscore Church Detective Trail

This is all in the historic setting of Dunscore Church
with a knowledgeable guide on hand to answer
any questions that you may have and to offer you
a Fairtrade tea, coffee or juice.
  • Jane Haining:  ​Jane was born and brought up in Dunscore.  She attended Dunscore School and worshipped in the Craig Church just outside the village.  Jane became matron in the Scottish Mission to the Jews in Budapest, Hungary just before the Second World War and, having refused to leave her charges, died in Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • Dunscore Church Heritage:  ​There has been a church in the parish back as far as the 12th century.  The current Dunscore Church was built in 1823 and has been used for worship ever since.  It is a "Heritor's Gothic" grade A listed church.
  • Dunscore Village Heritage: ​Dunscore has a fascinating history and many famous people have lived in the Parish including Robert Burns and Thomas Carlyle.